Ere una zorra y dibujas del caraho <3

oyoyoyoyy grasiah señ@ <3

Sketch I did for “Concealing the Sun”, a spanish trash metal band from Seville. Chek them out!! ->

The final result was a total fail. BUT WHO CARES I learned how to draw goat skulls… thats good.


Some sketches ! july 2014, pencils on a4

Selfportrait of July ! 2014, A-5 with felt-tip pens

WIP ! July 2014


Rotuladores en cuartilla, Julio 2014.

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Bocetillo de Abby de mi cómic Meltdown hecho con acuarelas y pasado en photoshop a sepia :)

ASHES TOWN… New project in mind… :)

Some anatomy work !

Abby from my webcomic Meltdown ! done w felt-tip pens.